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How To Buy A Gorilla – David Meikle

The one sentence summary Marketers, brands and agencies can resolve their differences and create greater value for brands by thinking harder about

How To Buy A Gorilla – David Meikle2020-09-23T12:02:50+00:00

How Bad Are Bananas? – Mike Berners-Lee

The one sentence summary Being accurately informed about the true carbon footprint of items and activities can help you make helpful decisions

How Bad Are Bananas? – Mike Berners-Lee2020-09-23T12:02:50+00:00

Good Is The New Cool – Aziz & Jones

The one sentence summary There is a new way to market like you give a damn by harnessing the power of cool

Good Is The New Cool – Aziz & Jones2020-09-23T12:02:50+00:00

One Life – Morten Albaek

The one sentence summary We live one big, complex life, and it is a mistake to believe that we can split it

One Life – Morten Albaek2020-09-23T12:02:50+00:00

Range – David Epstein

The one sentence summary People with experience of many fields are often more fulfilled and successful at solving tricky challenges than experts.

Range – David Epstein2020-09-23T12:02:50+00:00
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