Expert Advice and Sleeping Lion offer a suite of training materials – based on their Concise Advice books, which feature many provocations, exercises and content derived from books in the Greatest Hits library:

  • There are 8 business books, each with their own training programme.
  • There are 4 more blended training programmes that combine the best of two books, in different combinations.
  • A dozen schemes make up the full set.
  • Every training topic is the full package. All attendees receive the book(s) relevant to the topic, plus a full set of charts and supporting notes. 
  • Each book has a supporting blog with videos, podcasts and articles.
  • The topics are available in a range of formats, including in-person, online, all-day and bite-size versions.
  • Kevin and Sarah Duncan can facilitate these workshops separately or together, depending on numbers and category expertise. 
  • Between us, we have run thousands of sessions and trained over 10,000 people, so the formats are proven to work, and the satisfaction scores are always high.

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