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A Life On Our Planet – David Attenborough

The one sentence summary A revolution in sustainability, a drive to rewild the world and stabilise our population would restore our harmony

A Life On Our Planet – David Attenborough2020-11-23T11:55:55+00:00

False Alarm – Bjorn Lomborg

The one sentence summary Climate change panic costs us trillions, hurts the poor, and fails to fix the planet. Can't be bothered

False Alarm – Bjorn Lomborg2020-11-23T11:57:34+00:00

Surrounded By Psychopaths – Thomas Erikson

The one sentence summary Psychopaths are everywhere but you can beat them at their own game by understanding how they operate. Can't

Surrounded By Psychopaths – Thomas Erikson2020-11-24T08:38:31+00:00

Non-Bullshit Innovation – David Rowan

The one sentence summary Many companies think they can innovate through jargon but they just don't get it. Can't be bothered to

Non-Bullshit Innovation – David Rowan2020-10-20T08:36:56+00:00

The Attention Economy – Karen Nelson-Field

The one sentence summary Gaining the attention of potential customers is much more complicated than the media industry would have us believe.

The Attention Economy – Karen Nelson-Field2020-11-06T12:05:06+00:00
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