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Toxic – Clive Lewis

The one-sentence summary The modern workplace has become a hotbed of toxicity, but this can be alleviated by intelligent mediation and conflict

Toxic – Clive Lewis2023-03-15T15:46:00+00:00

Prosperity Without Growth – Tim Jackson

The one-sentence summary Building a post-growth economy is a precise, definable and meaningful task. Can't be bothered to read it? Too much

Prosperity Without Growth – Tim Jackson2023-03-02T13:44:33+00:00

Surrounded By Narcissists – Thomas Erikson

The one-sentence summary It is possible to outwit narcissists if you understand what makes them tick and tackle their objectives head on.

Surrounded By Narcissists – Thomas Erikson2023-02-11T09:38:47+00:00
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