Fifty Things That Made The Modern Economy – Tim Harford

The one sentence summary The world economy is a weird and wonderful thing, interconnected in billions of ways, understood by no single

Other People’s Money – John Kay

The one sentence summary The financial sector has grown too large, is detached from ordinary life, and mostly trades with and talks

The Silo Effect – Gillian Tett

The one sentence summary The world does not function effectively if it is always streamlined, so businesses should strive to prevent silos.

The Origin of Wealth – Eric D. Beinhocker

The one-sentence summary The economy is ultimately a genetic replication strategy, fueled by deductive tinkering. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS · This is

The Darwin Economy – Robert H. Frank

The one-sentence summary Individuals often face incentives that make them undermine the common good, and taxes on harmful activities are more efficient