The Motive – Patrick Lencioni

The one sentence summary Too many leaders abdicate their most important responsibilities because they are leading for the wrong reason. WHAT THE

The Motive – Patrick Lencioni2020-09-23T12:02:47+00:00

The Ethical Leader – Morgen Witzel

The one sentence summary Doing the right thing can be the key to competitive advantage. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS Ethical behaviour by

The Ethical Leader – Morgen Witzel2020-09-23T12:02:47+00:00

Work And Days – Andy Law

The one sentence summary Classical wisdom can teach us a lot about modern life and work. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS This book

Work And Days – Andy Law2020-09-23T12:02:47+00:00

One Life – Morten Albaek

The one sentence summary We live one big, complex life, and it is a mistake to believe that we can split it

One Life – Morten Albaek2020-09-23T12:02:50+00:00
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