Cultural Velocity – Berger & Burford

Cultural Velocity Jonah Berger & Stefan Burford The one sentence summary Brands can use agitation, collisions, proximity, spotlights and contributors to ensure

How Not To Plan – Binet & Carter

How Not To Plan The one sentence summary Much advertising planning avoids the basic spadework of establishing the true facts, uses sloppy

Post-Truth – James Ball

The one sentence summary Bullshit has hugely devalued truth, but there are ways to tackle it. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS  Sub-titled How

Spending Advertising Money In The Digital Age – Pringle & Marshall

The one-sentence summary In the digital age, a minimum of three media are advisable in a campaign to catch people as media

Rigorous Magic – Jim Taylor and Steve Hatch

WHAT THE BOOK SAYS There are many myths around communications ideas and what you really need is a practical road map to