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The 46 Rules Of Genius – Marty Neumeier

The one sentence summary If you want to become a genius at something, you need a theoretical framework, a set

The Undoing Project – Michael Lewis

The one sentence summary People don’t really know why they do what they do, nor how bad their decisions often

Conversations That Win The Complex Sale – Peterson & Riesterer

The one sentence summary To sell effectively, you need emotion, your best points first and last, plenty of contrast, strong

Thank You For Being Late – Thomas Friedman

The one sentence summary As everything accelerates, it pays to pause and reflect on what is happening. WHAT THE BOOK

Seeing What Others Don’t – Gary Klein

The one sentence summary Clear insights can transform how we view things, and we need to ditch our flawed beliefs

Think Simple – Ken Segall

The one sentence summary Smart leaders can defeat complexity by defining a simple mission, rallying everyone around it, and streamlining

Mindware – Richard Nisbett

The one sentence summary To make decent decisions, find out if there is a consensus among the experts, inform yourself,

Messy – Tim Harford

The one sentence summary You will be more successful if you stop struggling so hard to plan or control your

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck – Mark Manson

The one sentence summary You can lead a more contented and grounded life by deciding what to give a f*ck

Unsubscribe – Jocelyn Glei

The one sentence summary Most people can reduce anxiety and get more real work done by being disciplined about their

Frugal Innovation – Radjou & Prabhu

The one sentence summary There are plenty of intelligent ways to do better with less – frugal is the future

Too Fast To Think – Chris Lewis

The one sentence summary If you want to be creative, remove yourself from technological distractions and give yourself time to

Reorg – Heidari-Robinson & Heywood

The one sentence summary A reorg is like any other business problem, so you need to understand the benefits, risks,

The 12 Powers Of A Marketing Leader – Barta & Barwise

The one sentence summary The power of marketing leaders lies in the space where customer and company needs overlap, and

Talkability – James Borg

The one sentence summary There are some secrets of effective conversation that you can perfect. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS This

The Negotiation Book – Steve Gates

The one sentence summary You can be a better negotiator by preparing properly, holding your nerve, staying calm, and making

The Workshop Book – Pamela Hamilton

The one sentence summary Workshops can be a success if you design them properly and use the right techniques. WHAT

Value Proposition Design – Osterwalder et al.

The one sentence summary You can design robust value propositions by using a proven mapping technique.   WHAT THE BOOK

The Stupidity Paradox – Alvesson & Spicer

The one sentence summary Many organisations are caught up in a stupidity paradox: they employ smart people who end up

The Yes Book – Clive Rich

The one sentence summary Negotiation now requires a more sophisticated, collaborative approach. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS Few people enjoy going

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