Podcast 6, What the Dog Saw – Malcolm Gladwell

I posted this book summary some weeks ago (see Gladwell).  Here's my podcast summary. Download What the dog saw by Malcolm Gladwell  

The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell

The one-sentence summary One imaginative person applying a well-placed lever can move the world. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS Little things can make

Podcast 4, Outliers and Freakonomics – Malcolm Gladwell and Levitt & Dubner

In addition to this week's book summary, here is my podcast on Freakomics by Levitt and Dubner and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

Podcast 1, Blink – Malcolm Gladwell

Following the great response to the Greatest Hits idea (3,500 hits so far), I have recorded a dozen podcasts of the some

What The Dog Saw – Malcolm Gladwell

The one-sentence summary Concentrate on astute observation and clear expression, and remember that there is always another point of view. WHAT THE