Catalyst – Clarke & Kean

The one sentence summary Using personal chemistry to convert contacts into contracts works better than spreadsheets and pestering. Can't be bothered to

Catalyst – Clarke & Kean2021-09-27T11:08:44+00:00

Working Backwards – Bryar & Carr

The one sentence summary Success is not achieved by the genius of any one leader, but through commitment to a set of

Working Backwards – Bryar & Carr2021-04-25T09:16:00+00:00

Upstream – Dan Heath

The one sentence summary It is often possible to solve problems before they happen. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS We all have a

Upstream – Dan Heath2020-09-23T12:02:46+00:00

Green Swans – John Elkington

The one sentence summary Green swans can take us exponentially to breakthrough solutions through regenerative capitalism. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS A Green

Green Swans – John Elkington2020-09-23T12:02:47+00:00

Work And Days – Andy Law

The one sentence summary Classical wisdom can teach us a lot about modern life and work. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS This book

Work And Days – Andy Law2020-09-23T12:02:47+00:00
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