Jerks At Work – Tessa West

The one-sentence summary There are always jerks at work but you can deal with them effectively by recognising their archetypes, understanding how

Jerks At Work – Tessa West2022-03-25T08:09:24+00:00

The Art Of Judgment – John Adair

The one sentence summary Judgment is often misperceived as an unchangeable, elusive element of character but in fact it is an art

The Art Of Judgment – John Adair2022-02-07T12:02:35+00:00

The Leadership Lab – Lewis & Malmgren

The one sentence summary The old leadership rules no longer work so a new type is required based on a flexible understanding

The Leadership Lab – Lewis & Malmgren2021-01-30T11:22:30+00:00

Surrounded By Psychopaths – Thomas Erikson

The one sentence summary Psychopaths are everywhere but you can beat them at their own game by understanding how they operate. Can't

Surrounded By Psychopaths – Thomas Erikson2021-01-13T10:19:09+00:00
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