The one-sentence summary

Getting things done involves doggedly overcoming resistance, and having the courage to ship your product.


  • In short, if you have something to do, then get on with it
  • The great enemies of getting things done are resistance, rational thought and friends and family
  • Resistance includes fear, self-doubt, procrastination, addiction, distraction, timidity, ego, self-loathing, narcissism and much more
  • Resistance applies to anything you feel you want to do: anything creative, the launch of a venture, a diet or health regime, education, any act of political or moral courage – anything that rejects immediate gratification in favour of long-term growth, health or integrity
  • Allies in doing the work are stupidity, stubbornness, blind faith, passion, assistance, and friends and family – you have to be dogged enough to carry on
  • Start before you are ready – don’t over prepare or research, just start
  • Start at the end and ask yourself: what’s all this about
  • It takes balls of steel to ship – to send out the result of what you have laboured to do


  • Everyone needs help getting things done. Try some of these mantras:
  • Stay primitive – the dafter it sounds, the better it probably is
  • Trust the soup – let go of control and trust the Quantum Soup
  • Be ready for resistance

The wall is what you hit when you can’t advance and there are 7 principles:

  1. There is an enemy – admit it
  2. The enemy is implacable – its aim is to kill what you are doing
  3. The enemy is inside you – it’s no good blaming anyone else
  4. You retain the freewill to resist it
  5. The real you must duel the resistance you
  6. Resistance arises second – to neuter your dream or plan
  7. Assistance can beat resistance – how bad do you want it?


  • Many of the examples are taken from the world of script and book writing, so you need to transfer the advice to your sphere