Affluenza Oliver James

A Whole New Mind Daniel Pink

Bad Science Ben Goldacre

Blink Malcolm Gladwell

Brand Manners Pringle & Gordon

Built To Last Collins & Porras

Buzz Salzman, Matathia & O’Reilly

Buyology Martin Lindstrom

Chaotics Kotler & Caslione

Clever Goffee & Jones

Cognitive Surplus Clay Shirky

Commitment-led Marketing Jan Hofmeyr & Butch Rice

Dangerous Company O’Shea & Madigan

Death Sentences Don Watson

Discover Your Inner Economist Tyler Cowen

Eating the Big Fish Adam Morgan

Emotionomics Dan Hill

Enough John Naish

Everything Is Miscellaneous David Weinberger

Execution Bossidy & Charan

Five Frogs On A Log Feldman & Spratt

Flat Earth News Nick Davies

Flicking your Creative Switch Wayne Lotherington

Focus Jurgen Wolff

Fooled By Randomness Nassim Nicholas Talib

Freakonomics Levitt & Dubner

Free Chris Anderson

Getting Things Done David Allen

Good Business Steve Hilton & Giles Gibbons

Good To Great Jim Collins

Hello Laziness Corinne Maier

Herd Mark Earls

Here Comes Everybody Clay Shirky

High Impact Speeches Richard Heller

Hot, Flat and Crowded Thomas L. Friedman

How Not To Come Second David Kean

How To Be Idle Tom Hodgkinson

How To Get More Done Fergus O’Connell

How to Lead Jo Owen

In Search Of Excellence Peters & Waterman

In Search of the Obvious Jack Trout

Juicing The Orange Pat Fallon & Fred Senn

Leadership for Dummies Loeb & Kindel

Liar’s Paradise Graham Edmonds

Lovemarks Kevin Roberts

Making It Happen John Harvey-Jones

Manage your Reputation Roger Haywood

Marketing Judo Barnes & Richardson

Marketing Stripped Bare Patrick Forsyth

Meatball Sundae Seth Godin

Nudge Thaler & Sunstein

Obliquity John Kay

On Bullshit Harry G. Frankfurt

Outliers Malcom Gladwell

Panicology Briscoe & Aldersley-Williams

Perfect Pitch Jon Steel

Predictably Irrational Dan Ariely

Predicting Market Success Robert Passikoff

Purple Cow Seth Godin

Quirkology Richard Wiseman

Revolution Bill Lucas

Rework Fried & Hansson

Rigorous Magic Jim Taylor & Steve Hatch

Screw it, let’s do it Richard Branson

See Feel Think Do Andy Milligan & Shaun Smith

Simply Brilliant Fergus O’Connell

Six Frames Edward de Bono

Six Thinking Hats Edward de Bono

Smart Leadership Yudelowitz, Koch & Field

Socialnomics Erik Qualman

Sticky Wisdom Matt Kingdon et al.

S.U.M.O Paul McGee

Sun Tzu: The Art Of War For Executives Donald Krause

Superfreakonomics Levitt & Dubner

Sway Brafman & Brafman

The Age Of Unreason Charles Handy

The Art Of Creative Thinking John Adair

The Black Swan Nassim Nicholas Talib

The Brand Innovation Manifesto John Grant

The Business Playground Dave Stewart & Mark Simmons

The Character of a Corporation Goffee & Jones

The Cluetrain Manifesto Levine, Locke, et al.

The E Myth Revisited Michael E. Gerber

The End of Advertising As We Know It Sergio Zyman

The End of Marketing As We Know It Sergio Zyman

The Halo Effect Phil Rosenzweig

The Laws Of Simplicity John Maeda

The Little Big Things Tom Peters

The Living Company Arie de Geus

The Logic Of Life Tim Harford

The Long Tail Chris Anderson

The New Marketing Manifesto John Grant

The Paradox of Choice Barry Schwartz

The Philosophy of Branding Thom Braun

The Pirate Inside Adam Morgan

The Play Ethic Pat Kane

The Rules Of Management Richard Templar

The Selfish Capitalist Oliver James

The Seven-Day Weekend Ricardo Semler

The Tiger That Isn’t Blastland & Dilnot

The Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell

The Ultimate Question Fred Reichheld

The Undercover Economist Tim Harford

The 22 Irrefutable Laws of Advertising Michael Newman

The Wisdom of Crowds James Surowiecki

The World Is Flat Thomas L. Friedman

Truth, Lies and Advertising Jon Steel

Welcome to the Creative Age Mark Earls

Whatever you think, think the opposite Paul Arden

What The Dog Saw Malcolm Gladwell

Why Entrepreneurs Should Eat Bananas Simon Tupman

Why Should Anyone Be Led By You? Goffee & Jones

We-Think Charles Leadbeater

Why We Buy Paco Underhill

Wikinomics Tapsott & Williams