• This is a pocket book with 150 tips on how to manage yourself, your team and your business. My favourites are:

1. Pretend you have what you want: it might be fantasy, but so might the thing you are worrying about.
2. Manage your energy: take brief but regular breaks, say thank you, reduce interruptions, and do what you love.
3. Combine creativity and results: ask a lot of questions, but don’t let them impede movement.
4. Be confident, but not really sure: act on your convictions, even if only temporarily, and be prepared to change your mind.
5. Create a diagram of your preferred job: indicate more, less and new tasks.
6. Avoid bad boss tendencies: self-delusion, heedlessness, and insulation.
7. Support your people: show up on time, stop the intrusions, and let them have good fights.
8. Avoid the unilateral thinking trap: make sure people are free to voice their opinions, and go out of your way to seek alternative views.
9. Give the right directions: don’t assume everyone knows the strategy, confirm shared understanding, and connect the dots.
10. Don’t cry wolf: if you say everything is critical, employees will soon ignore your sense of urgency.
11. Don’t assume people won’t understand: find a way to explain even complex detail clearly so people are happier and more productive.
12. Kill more good ideas: too many ideas spread resources too thinly.
13. Avoid certain types of failure: knowingly doing the wrong thing, failing to gather the right data, and prioritizing research over experience.
14. Don’t shy away from a temporary solution: nothing lasts forever anyway.
15. Fail cheaply: make your experiments cheaper, test strategic assumptions before logistical ones, and make decisions faster.
16. Innovate with less: forget the big budget, test in the real market, skip the business plan, make decisions and move on.
17. Find your company’s inner self: forget spreadsheets and data – find a purpose, and don’t (necessarily) mess with the model.
18. Handle customer complaints thoughtfully: understand the full context, propose a resolution, and show respect.