The content can be used in various ways – if you want more ideas just ask me.


1.    A basic one-day training course. We review six to ten different books, and the attendees have to work out how the contents can be used to improve their strategic standing with clients.


2.    A two-day course in which agency and client attendees work through material together (around 12 books) , increasing understanding and strategic respect on both sides. In many instances, this is the only time the client and agency meet when there isn’t a burning issue.


3.    Humiliate your most senior people by giving a more junior member of staff responsibility for summarising a book. They become the expert on that subject and are respected for it by clients and colleagues.


4.    Take a highly specific element of a new book and emphasise how relevant it is to a particular client’s needs. Use the theory as stimulus for a new brief or a different perspective on a strategic issue, or tweet it.


5.    Use the thinking to add new variety and depth to the way your company works, and to stimulate more interesting and profitable work.


6.    Combine all the thinking into your own customised book of expert marketing thinking, and use it as a new business tool.