The one-sentence summary

The best way to get something done is to ignore what’s happened before and move on.


  • Subtitled The Straight-Talking Guide To Creating And Enjoying A Brilliant Life
  • We all long for success and enjoyment but unfortunately we don’t always get either of them. Have you ever thought that it might be your own attitude that is holding you back?
  • The way you think is a major factor in the determining how your life unfolds. The book shows that by taking responsibility for your life, you can fulfil your potential, seize opportunities, enjoy relationships, succeed at work and respond to adverse situations with a positive attitude.
  • You are encouraged to take an honest look at your life, remembering that it is never too late to change. We can all dump the victim t-shirt, develop fruitier thinking and ditch the idea that whatever will be will be (he calls this Ditching Doris Day, after the song Que Sera).
  • When you wear the victim t-shirt you become a passenger in life and allow circumstances and other people to determine your direction. Some people have become very aware of their rights, but less aware of their responsibilities.


  • This is heavyweight life coaching with a soft centre. There are seven questions to help you S.U.M.O.:

1. Where is this issue on a scale of 1 to 10? Decide what’s really important.

2. How important will this be in six months time? Get things in perspective.

3. Is my response appropriate and effective? You choose your response.

4. How can I influence or improve the situation? Bring about change.

5. What can I learn from this? Look for learning in everything.

6. What will I do differently next time? Learning brings change.

7. What can I find that’s positive in this situation? Open your mind to new possibilities.

  • The way you think is influenced by your background, previous experiences, the company you keep, and the media. Faulty thinking includes being a persistent inner critic, becoming a broken record, using the martyr syndrome (when I punish me I am actually trying to punish you), and trivial pursuits (what you focus on magnifies).
  • Hippo Time (having a brief wallow) is okay, so long as you snap out of it.


  • Coaching books can sometimes be tricky. They develop mnemonics to help you remember their ideas, which can come across as trite.
  • They span personal and working life so you have to see the advice in the right context.