The one-sentence summary

People will always tell you it can’t be done, but if you have faith in yourself, it almost always can.


  • Simple truths in life, and the right attitude, can inspire and enable you to do practically anything
  • People will always try to talk you out of ideas and say, “It can’t be done”, but if you have faith in yourself, it almost always can


  • You can read it in a couple of hours
  • The author has made plenty of mistakes and taken a lot of risks, so this is not just a “plain sailing” manual
  • The main principles of just do it, have fun, be bold, challenge yourself, and live the moment are all solid, inspirational stuff
  • There are also much softer elements such as value family and friends, have respect for people, and do some good for others
  • You can dip in anywhere and grab a motivational thought in ten seconds.
  • Choose from:

    ~ Believe it can be done

    ~ Never give up

    ~ Have faith in yourself

    ~ When it’s not fun, move on

    ~ Have no regrets

    ~ Keep your word

    ~ Aim high

    ~ Try new things

    ~ Love life and live it to the full

    ~ Chase your dreams but live in the real world

    ~ Face problems head on

    ~ Money is for making the right things happen

    ~ Make a difference and help others


  • The book is not particularly well-written (the author struggled with mild dyslexia at school), so this is more a stream of consciousness, or a selection of sound bites
  • It always seems easier for someone who has “done it” to reflect back on the hard times – but it is harder to apply that philosophy when you are actually struggling