The one-sentence summary

Social media is transforming the way we live and do business.


  • Social media is transforming the way we live and do business. This is a massive socio-economic shift that is fundamentally changing the way consumers and companies communicate with each other.
  • Traditional marketing strategies are obsolete, and have been replaced by Socialnomics, where online communities influence companies and markets
  • Brands can now be strengthened or destroyed by social media. Advertising is less effective. Companies and customers can now connect direct.
  • Word of mouth is now World of mouth – international instantly
  • Social media provides a preventative role: what happens in Vegas now stays on YouTube
  • It also increases efficiency by eliminating multiple individual redundancies
  • On the downside, it facilitates braggadocian behaviour – self-centred, ‘it’s all about me’. Another drawback is an erosion of confidence in meeting and communicating with people in person: ‘the next generation can’t speak.’
  • The old adage that you can only have two out of three of cheap, quick or quality isn’t true in social media – you can have all three because someone may already have done part of it for you


  • He defines Socialommerce, in which billions of dollars will be made in and around social media
  • People don’t care what Google thinks, they care what their peers and neighbours think
  • Schizophrenic behaviour, in which individuals and companies have different work and play personalities, will disappear as they become the same thing
  • Bacon salt was invented by two guys in Seattle who ran an online survey asking who would like a powder that made everything taste like bacon. They found a market before they hade invented the product.
  • Apple have a hired a 22 year-old who has never sent an email. He has always used instant message, text, phone or social media.
  • An 83 year-old prints out his social media updates to find out what is contributing to a full life. On discovering any ‘unfruitful activities’, he ceases them immediately


Not much. It makes lots of interesting points and summarises clearly at then end of each chapter.