The one sentence summary

It is completely possible to understand those whose behaviour baffles you by looking at the four main types of human behaviour.


This is a summary of the four types of human behaviour as defined by the colour coding system. This is often called DISA (dominance, inducement, submission, analytical ability) or DISC (c = compliance).

  • Red: dominant (don’t get in their way)

Positive: strong-willed, independent, ambitious, determined, effective

Negative: pushy, strict, tough, hard

  • Yellow: inspiring (head in the clouds)

Positive: stimulating, enthusiastic, dramatic, outgoing

Negative: manipulative, hot-tempered, undisciplined, egotistic

  • Green: stable (change is difficult and may never happen)

Positive: supportive, respectful, obliging, reliable, pleasant

Negative: stubborn, uncertain, compliant, dependent, awkward

  • Blue: analytical (only perfection will do)

Positive: diligent, thoughtful, serious, persistent, demanding, methodical

Negative: critical, indecisive, narrow-minded, fastidious, moralizing

  • Here’s an example to show their different behaviour. Someone discovers an oil stain on the floor:
  • Red: lambasts the person nearest and orders them to mop it up.
  • Yellow: sees it, forgets it, is surprised when he slips on it two days later.
  • Green: sees it, feels a bit of guilt because it poses a problem, does nothing.
  • Blue: wonders “Why is there an oil spill?” and many other questions.
  • Statistically, only about 5% of the population has just one colour that shows in their behaviour. Around 80% have two, and the rest have three. No one has four.
  • The most common combinations are: blue/red; red/yellow; yellow/green; green/blue. All the other combinations will lead to challenges and stress.


  • If you think you are surrounded by idiots, in fact, no matter how strange it may seem, every kind of behaviour is normal (in theory).
  • “Normal” behaviour is relatively predictable, is part of a pattern, is changeable, understandable, unique, excusable, and can be observed.
  • Slog or split refers to a red phenomenon: if the task is important enough, they will do everything to get it done. If they feel it has no purpose, into the trash it goes.
  • “Just because you are right, I don’t have to be wrong.” Anon.


  • Given the mixture of behaviour in most people, the cynic could argue that the colour system is too categorical to work effectively.