The Pirate Inside – Adam Morgan

The one-sentence summary To make corporations change effectively, the people who work in them have to behave differently, or be told how

The Pirate Inside – Adam Morgan2020-09-23T12:04:26+00:00

Flat Earth News – Nick Davies

The one-sentence summary Most news stories are planted by PR agencies without verification and cannot be believed - everybody knows this, so

Flat Earth News – Nick Davies2020-09-23T12:04:26+00:00

The Long Tail – Chris Anderson

The one-sentence summary Endless choice is creating unlimited demand so you probably need to re-think your business model: make everything available and

The Long Tail – Chris Anderson2020-09-23T12:04:26+00:00

The World is Flat – Thomas L Friedman

The one-sentence summary The Internet has effectively flattened the world to the point where businesses can view the entire thing as both

The World is Flat – Thomas L Friedman2020-09-23T12:04:27+00:00

The Black Swan – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The one-sentence summary Ignore the experts, stop trying to predict everything, and embrace uncertainty WHAT THE BOOK SAYS Everything is essentially random.

The Black Swan – Nassim Nicholas Taleb2020-09-23T12:04:27+00:00
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