The one sentence summary

There are 30 ways to fix your work culture and fall in love with your job again.

Can’t be bothered to read it? Listen to the 5-minute summary.


  • The book is divided into three sections: recharge, sync, and buzz.
  • Recharge: performance-enhancing ways to make work less awful
  1. Have a monk mode morning: block off time and think properly.
  2. Go for a walking meeting: science shows they are more creative.
  3. Celebrate headphones: people need flexibility to work as they like.
  4. Eliminate hurry sickness: slower is better than doing it twice.
  5. Shorten your work week: they are proven to be more productive.
  6. Overthrow the mill owner who lives inside you: presenteeism doesn’t work.
  7. Turn off your notifications: they distract you.
  8. Go to lunch: if you don’t, you’ll suffer physically and mentally.
  9. Define your norms: don’t assume your work culture is inevitable.
  10. Have a digital sabbath: don’t email at weekends.
  11. Get a good night’s sleep: self-evident, this one.
  12. Focus on one thing at a time: multitasking doesn’t work.


  • Sync: fixes to make teams closer
  1. Move the kettle: people mix more readily over food and drink areas.
  2. Suggest a tea break: or drinks to get the whole company together.
  3. Halve your meetings: either their length or their number.
  4. Create a social meeting
  5. Laugh: it improves everything.
  6. Energise inductions: first impressions are the most important.
  7. Stop (being) a bad boss: do no harm and really understand peoples’ work.
  8. Know when to leave people alone: don’t meddle or micromanage.
  • Buzz: secrets of energised teams
  1. Frame work as a problem you are solving
  2. Admit when you messed up: hot debriefs (immediate) are the best.
  3. Keep teams lean: adding people to a late project makes it later.
  4. Focus on the issue, not the people
  5. Introduce a Hack Week
  6. Ban phones from meetings
  7. Champion diversity
  8. Replace presenting with reading: read briefing papers properly.
  9. Conduct a pre-mortem: ask at the beginning what will go wrong.
  10. Relax


  • Most of these ideas echo precisely what I suggested in Tick Achieve over ten years ago.


  • If you read a bit, you will have seen most of these ideas before.