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Good Is The New Cool – Aziz & Jones

The one sentence summary There is a new way to market like you give a damn by harnessing the power

One Life – Morten Albaek

The one sentence summary We live one big, complex life, and it is a mistake to believe that we can

Range – David Epstein

The one sentence summary People with experience of many fields are often more fulfilled and successful at solving tricky challenges

Indistractable – Nir Eyal

The one sentence summary You can control your attention and choose your life by understanding why you get distracted. WHAT

Talking To Strangers – Malcom Gladwell

The one sentence summary When talking to strangers we need to understand that transparency is a myth, we default to

Digital Darwinism – Tom Goodwin

The one sentence summary It’s companies that are newly built for the digital age that can unleash real power. WHAT

All In – Grayson, Coulter & Lee

The one sentence summary High impact corporate sustainability leadership is the future of business leadership. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS The

Natural Capital – Dieter Helm

The one sentence summary Sustainable growth is achievable if we apply the rule that the aggregate level of natural capital

The New Rules Of Green Marketing – Jacquelyn Ottman

The one sentence summary Green consumers are now mainstream and there are many strategies and tools for successful, sustainable branding.

The Sustainable Business – Jonathan T. Scott

The one sentence summary Sustainable businesses are more competitive and profitable in the long term. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS Sustainability

Conscious Capitalism Field Guide – Sisodia et al.

The one sentence summary Conscious capitalism can transform a business for the better – reconciling doing the right thing with

WEconomy – Kielburger et al.

The one sentence summary You can find meaning, make a living, and change the world. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS Purpose

The Ethical Capitalist – Julian Richer

The one sentence summary Business can work much better for society by acting ethically. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS Capitalism is

Authentic Marketing – Larry Weber

The one sentence summary Companies can capture hearts and minds through the power of purpose. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS To

The Leader’s Secret Code – Mills, Ridley, Laker & Pacifico

The one sentence summary Forensic analysis of how the most successful leaders operate reveals a code that you can then

Be More Pirate – Sam Conniff Allende

The one sentence summary Pirates embodied a code that was far more advanced than most companies today. WHAT THE BOOK

The Ethical Business Book – Sarah Duncan

The one sentence summary It is possible to protect people, the planet and profits at the same time. WHAT THE

The Power Of Active Thinking – Ulf Lowenhav

The one sentence summary You can become a resilient contrarian through the strength of engaged thinking. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS

Rockonomics – Alan Krueger

The one sentence summary The music industry can teach us a lot about economics and our future. WHAT THE BOOK

Invisible Influence – Jonah Berger

The one sentence summary You can have a sharper sense of your own, and other people’s behaviour if you understand

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