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The Catalyst – Jonah Berger

The one sentence summary You can change anyone’s mind if you correctly understand the five barriers to change and remove

How Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders? – Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

The one sentence summary There is a better way to select leaders than a deeply flawed system that rewards arrogance

The Chimp Paradox

The one sentence summary The Chimp Paradox means that your inner chimp can be your best friend or your worst

Work And Days – Andy Law

The one sentence summary Classical wisdom can teach us a lot about modern life and work. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS

Who Cares Wins – David Jones

The one sentence summary Corporate social responsibility and social media are intrinsically linked, and the most successful leaders are the

You’re Not Listening – Kate Murphy

You’re Not Listening Kate Murphy The one sentence summary No one is listening but you can improve your life if

The Entrepreneurial Myth – Louise Nicolson

The one sentence summary The Entrepreneurial Myth damages entrepreneurs’ mental health, skews public policy, amplifies business failure rates and undermines

There Is No Planet B – Mike Berners-Lee

The one sentence summary The best way to live better is to understand the true facts about how our choices

The Future We Choose – Figueres & Rivett-Carnac

The one sentence summary We can survive the climate crisis if we take urgent action now. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS

How To Buy A Gorilla – David Meikle

The one sentence summary Marketers, brands and agencies can resolve their differences and create greater value for brands by thinking

How Bad Are Bananas? – Mike Berners-Lee

The one sentence summary Being accurately informed about the true carbon footprint of items and activities can help you make

Good Is The New Cool – Aziz & Jones

The one sentence summary There is a new way to market like you give a damn by harnessing the power

One Life – Morten Albaek

The one sentence summary We live one big, complex life, and it is a mistake to believe that we can

Range – David Epstein

The one sentence summary People with experience of many fields are often more fulfilled and successful at solving tricky challenges

Indistractable – Nir Eyal

The one sentence summary You can control your attention and choose your life by understanding why you get distracted. WHAT

Talking To Strangers – Malcom Gladwell

The one sentence summary When talking to strangers we need to understand that transparency is a myth, we default to

Digital Darwinism – Tom Goodwin

The one sentence summary It’s companies that are newly built for the digital age that can unleash real power. WHAT

All In – Grayson, Coulter & Lee

The one sentence summary High impact corporate sustainability leadership is the future of business leadership. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS The

Natural Capital – Dieter Helm

The one sentence summary Sustainable growth is achievable if we apply the rule that the aggregate level of natural capital

The New Rules Of Green Marketing – Jacquelyn Ottman

The one sentence summary Green consumers are now mainstream and there are many strategies and tools for successful, sustainable branding.

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