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The Salesperson’s Secret Code – Mills, Ridley, Laker, & Chapman

The one sentence summary The most successful salespeople have specific belief systems based on fulfilment, control, resilience, influence and communication. WHAT THE

Post-Truth – James Ball

The one sentence summary Bullshit has hugely devalued truth, but there are ways to tackle it. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS  Sub-titled How

System 1 – Kearon, Ewing & Wood

The one sentence summary Feeling is at the heart of system 1 – if you feel good about something, then it’s a

How To Have A Good Day – Caroline Webb

The one sentence summary It is possible to have fulfilling and productive days when you understand the psychology and neuroscience behind how

The Asshole Survival Guide – Robert Sutton

The one sentence summary Bad behaviour is on the rise, but there are some ingenious approaches you can use to cope with