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Sustainable Marketing – Carvill, Butler & Evans

The one sentence summary In the modern age of authenticity, organisations ignore sustainability at their own peril.  WHAT THE BOOK SAYS The

Sustainable Marketing – Carvill, Butler & Evans2021-01-28T12:11:22+00:00

The Leadership Lab – Lewis & Malmgren

The one sentence summary The old leadership rules no longer work so a new type is required based on a flexible understanding

The Leadership Lab – Lewis & Malmgren2021-01-30T11:22:30+00:00

The Prevalence Of Humbug – Max Black

The one sentence summary Humbug is on the rise and this is what you can do about it. Can't be bothered to

The Prevalence Of Humbug – Max Black2021-01-08T14:59:42+00:00

Calling Bullshit – Bergstrom & West

The one sentence summary We are surrounded by bullshit in many forms, but there are also many ways to spot it and

Calling Bullshit – Bergstrom & West2020-12-30T09:06:07+00:00
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