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Conflicted – Ian Leslie

The one sentence summary Although arguments appear to be tearing us apart, conflict can bring us together if approached in the right

Conflicted – Ian Leslie2021-11-29T15:19:33+00:00

Net Positive – Polman & Winston

The one sentence summary Courageous companies thrive by giving more than they take. Can't be bothered to read it? Too much screen

Net Positive – Polman & Winston2021-11-29T15:04:05+00:00

Surrounded By Setbacks – Thomas Erikson

The one sentence summary Life will always throw you curveballs but it’s how you respond that counts. Can't be bothered to read

Surrounded By Setbacks – Thomas Erikson2021-11-11T13:59:48+00:00

How To Save Our Planet – Mark Maslin

The one sentence summary Many books on climate change want to scare you or preach at you – this one provides the

How To Save Our Planet – Mark Maslin2021-11-11T13:56:18+00:00

Noise – Kahneman, Sibony & Sunstein

The one sentence summary Noise causes flaws in human judgement and if ignored it can come at a great cost to individuals

Noise – Kahneman, Sibony & Sunstein2021-11-08T16:36:49+00:00
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