Post-Truth – James Ball

The one sentence summary Bullshit has hugely devalued truth, but there are ways to tackle it. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS  Sub-titled How

When Cultures Collide – Richard Lewis

The one-sentence summary Careful analysis and understanding of distinctive cultural traits can lead to more effective leadership and collaboration across diverse nationalities.

Talk Lean – Alan Palmer

The one-sentence summary Talking lean means combining directness with politeness to develop quicker results and better relations. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS ·

Quiet – Susan Cain

The one-sentence summary Introverts have a powerful role to play in a world that can’t stop talking, so nurture them and pay

The Bed Of Procrustes – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The one-sentence summary Only by accepting what we don’t know can we see the world as it really is. WHAT THE BOOK