Clever – Goffee and Jones

The one-sentence summary A handful of clever star performers create disproportionate amounts of value for organisations, but they must be managed particularly

The Character of a Corporation – Goffee and Jones

WHAT THE BOOK SAYS Despite its ability to make or break a business, corporate culture remains the most underutilised resource in business.

The Living Company – Arie de Geus

The one-sentence summary Companies are living entities that thrive by learning, having a strong persona, and governing their growth efficiently. WHAT THE

The Logic of Life – Tim Harford

The one-sentence summary Every human being, no matter how diverse, complies with economic logic. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS If humans are so

Why Should Anyone Be Led By You? – Rob Goffee & Gareth Jones

The one-sentence summary To be a good leader you have to earn respect. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS ·      Copying how other leaders