Simply Brilliant – Fergus O’Connell

The one-sentence summary Life is simpler than you think, so get on with it. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS The best ideas aren't

The Logic of Life – Tim Harford

The one-sentence summary Every human being, no matter how diverse, complies with economic logic. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS If humans are so

Liar’s Paradise – Graham Edmonds

The one-sentence summary Treat information with great suspicion until you know the real story. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS Eighty per cent of

Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite – Paul Arden

WHAT THE BOOK SAYS This quirky book explains the benefits of making bad decisions, why unreason is better than reason, and shows

Podcast 7, Superfreakonomics by Levitt & Dubner

Here's the podcast of another book I summarised a few months ago (see Levitt & Dubner) - Superfreakonomics. Download Superfreakonomics