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Prisoners Of Geography – Tim Marshall

The one-sentence summary All leaders are constrained by geography because their choices are limited by mountains, rivers, sea and concrete. Can't be

Prisoners Of Geography – Tim Marshall2023-12-30T11:50:35+00:00

Ravenous – Henry Dimbleby

The one-sentence summary The food system is making us sick and destroying our environment, so we need to change it. Can't be

Ravenous – Henry Dimbleby2023-12-30T11:54:18+00:00

No Bullshit Change – Chris Hirst

The one-sentence summary Leading change is about being honest and clear, building teams full of thriving people, and finding your maximum point

No Bullshit Change – Chris Hirst2023-12-30T11:58:37+00:00

The Song Of Significance – Seth Godin

The One Sentence Summary The way forwards for work, management and leadership is to ensure agency, dignity and respect for everyone on

The Song Of Significance – Seth Godin2023-12-30T11:52:28+00:00
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