Believing Bullshit – Stephen Law

The one-sentence summary Our cultural landscape is riddled with intellectual black holes, but by understanding the techniques that people use in order

Believing Bullshit – Stephen Law2022-08-12T09:55:29+00:00

Is That Clear? – Gaynor & Alevizos

The one-sentence summary If you are a native English speaker, you need to adjust the way you speak to those for whom

Is That Clear? – Gaynor & Alevizos2022-06-07T16:03:09+00:00

Jerks At Work – Tessa West

The one-sentence summary There are always jerks at work but you can deal with them effectively by recognising their archetypes, understanding how

Jerks At Work – Tessa West2023-07-12T13:14:59+00:00

Surrounded By Psychopaths – Thomas Erikson

The one sentence summary Psychopaths are everywhere but you can beat them at their own game by understanding how they operate. Can't

Surrounded By Psychopaths – Thomas Erikson2021-01-13T10:19:09+00:00
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