How To Lead Smart People – Singh & Mister

The one sentence summary You can lead teams of equals with intelligence and diplomacy. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS To master leading smart

How To Lead Smart People – Singh & Mister2020-09-23T12:02:57+00:00

No Bullshit Leadership – Chris Hirst

The one sentence summary Leadership is for everyone, and you can learn it by making effective decisions, building a great team, and

No Bullshit Leadership – Chris Hirst2020-09-23T12:02:58+00:00

Multipliers – Liz Wiseman

The one sentence summary Good leaders are multipliers who develop, explore, challenge, consult and support people, getting twice as much out of

Multipliers – Liz Wiseman2020-09-23T12:03:02+00:00

Great At Work – Morten Hansen

The one sentence summary Do less, work hard on fewer things, learn diligently, and debate properly to generate better work and achieve

Great At Work – Morten Hansen2020-09-23T12:03:06+00:00

Radical Candor – Kim Scott

The one sentence summary Bosses can get what they want by saying what they mean – if they do it the right

Radical Candor – Kim Scott2020-09-23T12:03:06+00:00
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