How Brands Grow – Byron Sharp

The one-sentence summary Much of what marketers believe to be true is wrong, but clear laws do exist to help. WHAT THE

How Brands Grow – Byron Sharp2020-09-23T12:03:41+00:00

Insanely Simple – Ken Segall

The one-sentence summary Work as hard as you can to make everything as simple as it can possibly be. WHAT THE BOOK

Insanely Simple – Ken Segall2020-09-23T12:03:41+00:00

Chief Culture Officer – Grant McCracken

The one-sentence summary Corporations need a new professional called the Chief Culture Officer, whose job would be to keep a finger on

Chief Culture Officer – Grant McCracken2020-09-23T12:03:44+00:00

Start With Why – Simon Sinek

The one-sentence summary It doesn’t so much matter what you do in business – it matters why you do it. WHAT THE

Start With Why – Simon Sinek2020-09-23T12:03:44+00:00

Tell The Truth – Unerman & Salem Baskin

The one-sentence summary In an age of information overload, the most effective way for a brand to stand out is to tell

Tell The Truth – Unerman & Salem Baskin2020-09-23T12:03:44+00:00
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