Cognitive Surplus – Clay Shirky

The one-sentence summary More and more people are using their free time to become involved in active participation. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS

Cognitive Surplus – Clay Shirky2020-09-23T12:04:17+00:00

The Selfish Capitalist – Oliver James

WHAT THE BOOK SAYS This book provides more detailed substantiation for the claims made in his previous book Affluenza. It looks deeper

The Selfish Capitalist – Oliver James2020-09-23T12:04:17+00:00

Lovemarks – Kevin Roberts

The one-sentence summary Creating loyalty beyond reason requires emotional connections that generate the highest levels of love and respect for your brand.

Lovemarks – Kevin Roberts2020-09-23T12:04:17+00:00

Simply Brilliant – Fergus O’Connell

The one-sentence summary Life is simpler than you think, so get on with it. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS The best ideas aren't

Simply Brilliant – Fergus O’Connell2022-01-31T15:04:23+00:00
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