The Power Of Regret – Daniel Pink

The one-sentence summary Having ‘no regrets’ is nonsense and even dangerous, because looking backward moves us forward. Can't be bothered to read

The Power Of Regret – Daniel Pink2022-05-04T10:02:58+00:00

Jerks At Work – Tessa West

The one-sentence summary There are always jerks at work but you can deal with them effectively by recognising their archetypes, understanding how

Jerks At Work – Tessa West2023-07-12T13:14:59+00:00

Surrounded By Bad Bosses – Thomas Erikson

The one sentence summary Being a good boss and coping with people at work is all about understanding their psychological type.  

Surrounded By Bad Bosses – Thomas Erikson2021-10-18T08:21:12+00:00

Effortless – Greg McKeown

The one sentence summary Not everything has to be so hard – you can make it easier to do what matters most.

Effortless – Greg McKeown2021-06-08T07:45:34+00:00
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