Physics Of The Future – Michio Kaku

The one-sentence summary The shape of things to come is already happening. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS This is a rundown of all

Physics Of The Future – Michio Kaku2020-09-23T12:03:41+00:00

Antifragile – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The one-sentence summary Antifragile things get stronger when subjected to stress and tension, whereas fragile things break and robust ones simply stay

Antifragile – Nassim Nicholas Taleb2020-09-23T12:03:41+00:00

Thinking, Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman

The one-sentence summary Be aware that your brain has two systems – fast intuition and slower conscious thought – and allow for

Thinking, Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman2020-09-23T12:03:47+00:00

The Decision Book – Krogerus & Tschappeler

The one-sentence summary Strategic visual tools can help simplify any problem and suggest steps towards a decent decision. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS

The Decision Book – Krogerus & Tschappeler2020-09-23T12:03:51+00:00
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