The Big Lie – Jouan, Quoirin, & Murphy

The one-sentence summary There is a gap between what people say in surveys and what they really think, so you need to

The Signal And The Noise – Nate Silver

The one-sentence summary We think we are better at prediction than we truly are, so we need to be more modest and

Future Shock – Alvin Toffler

The one-sentence summary We need to concentrate hard on how to cope with change. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS This classic book was

Future Minds – Richard Watson

The one-sentence summary Good ideas usually occur outside the workplace, and often when we are daydreaming or half asleep. WHAT THE BOOK

Microtrends – Mark J. Penn

The one-sentence summary There may be a microtrend developing that represents an opportunity. WHAT THE BOOK SAYS Subtitled Surprising tales of the